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Geoscan Research was established by Dr Roger Walker in 1984. After a lifelong interest in archaeology and electronics his aim was to use his physics background to design instrumentation for archaeologists requiring non-invasive survey techniques. The instrumentation is now also used in other areas including environmental, forensics, geological, civil engineering, and peace-time military applications.


We have a range of low-cost, robust, high reliability instrumentation which have been able to withstand the rigours of archaeological field use. Our product range includes earth resistance meters and fluxgate gradiometers. The instrumentation is accompanied by specialist software designed and developed in response to user demand in conjunction with Dr Lewis Somers of Geoscan Research USA.


We are happy to advise on instrument suitability for specific purposes or sites as well as solve the more advanced technical queries. We are always interested in receiving feedback from customers so we can continue to improve our products and ensure that our instruments and software are user friendly.


Our customers are mainly local authorities, universities, trusts and other educational establishments, but as the commercial side of geophysics has grown so has our customer base in this sector. Interest from amateur groups has also increased as our products have become better known due to the popularity of archaeological television programs some of which feature our equipment and software in action.


Initially UK based, sales quickly spread to Europe and the USA, so that approximately 50% of our products are now exported. There are agents for the USA & Canada, Germany, Italy, Greece, Norway and Japan as well as direct sales to customers all over the world.


While much of the research and design is concentrated at our premises in the UK at Bradford, West Yorkshire, we also work with academic groups in developing and refining existing geophysical techniques for archaeological and other applications.


Roger Walker is on the editorial board of the journal "Archaeological Prospection". Geoscan Research is a corporate member of the International Society for Archaeological Prospection. Geoscan Research supports and promotes the good practice recommended by the English Heritage guidelines for archaeological geophysics.



Geoscan Research is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire in northern England. Bradford is 200 miles north of London and 10 miles west of Leeds. There are good road links via the M606 to the M62 (East-West) and the M1/A1 (North-South). There are good rail links via Leeds to London and the rest of England. The journey time from London to Bradford is approximately 3 hours by train. Leeds/Bradford airport is easily accessible from Bradford and there is a regular shuttle service by minibus direct from Manchester airport.

WEEE Registration and Recycling


Geoscan Research is registered as a producer of electrical and electronic products. Our Producer Registration Number is:


All electrical parts should be recycled in accordance with WEEE regulations. This excludes batteries which are not covered under our WEEE responsibilities and should be recycled locally.

Geoscan Research is classed as a producer with respect to EEE for 'users other than private households' under The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006. Regulation 9.1 places an obligation on Geoscan Research to finance the costs of treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of waste electronic equipment (WEEE) from our customers where that WEEE:


(I) Is composed of equipment sold to our customers before 13th August 2005 and is being replaced by products from Geoscan Research of the same type or that performs the same function.


(II) Is composed of Geoscan Research equipment purchased by our customers after 13th August 2005.


However, Regulation 9.2 allows these responsibilities to be passed on to end users through contractual terms and this option has been taken by Geoscan Research (please refer to our Standard Terms and Conditions) from 1 January 2015.


For clarity, from 1 January 2015, where customers wish to dispose of WEEE that is:


(I) composed of equipment purchased before 13th August 2005 but that is not being replaced by equipment of the same type or that performs the same function then the customer retains responsibility for disposal under The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991.


(II) composed of equipment purchased after 13th August 2005, then the original producer of the equipment retains responsibility for financing the costs of the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal subject to the proviso that this responsibility has not been passed on to the customer through any contractual terms of the original purchase contract.


For Customers who purchased equipment from Geoscan Research before 1 January 2015 the following advice applies:


Where Geoscan Research is responsible for WEEE under scenarios (I) or (II) above, it is the responsibility of the customer to deliver the WEEE in question to Geoscan Research's chosen recycling facility, after which point we will accept any further treatment or recycling costs.


Please contact Geoscan Research to allow us to ensure that the correct procedures can be applied.

Geoscan Research meet our responsibilities under the WEEE Regulations through membership of the DHL WEEE Compliance Scheme.

Privacy Policy - May 2018


At Geoscan Research we keep a business data base which is protected and encrypted. Remote access to our computers is restricted to our computer service contractor under our supervision. We keep customer paper files which record transactions & correspondence. Our website does not collect cookies or identify visitors to our website.


Customer Database

Customer Data base records customer contact details with the business name, contact name, postal address, email address, telephone number, VAT number for EC customers as supplied by the customer. We use these details only for referencing business transactions and enquiries and do not pass on details without specific customer permission. We update the customer data base when advised of changes by the customer or by the new user, if resources (hardware or software) have been transferred or sold.



If potential customers need to contact a local distributor we may forward their enquiry or suggest they contact the local distributor direct. Distributor details are listed on our website. Information from our distributors also allows us to update details where we have no direct contact with the instrument or Geoplot software user. We may also supply any relevant contact details to our distributors to allow them to advise their customers of new products available in the distributor's area of operation.


Instrument Database

Instrument database records all instrument sales by serial number and this is linked to our customer database. We use this instrument database to identify requirements when customers enquire about repairs or upgrading their existing systems.


Geoplot Software Database

Geoplot database records the user of each Geoplot licence to monitor eligibility for upgrades, technical support and to keep a record of any licences lost, stolen or transferred. This is linked to our customer database for direct sales. For sales via distributors we only add user contact details if we are contacted directly for technical support. We have a mailing list of email addresses for Geoplot 4 users to inform them of software updates. Each email requests that if a recipient no longer wishes to receive update emails then to reply and we will remove them from the mailing list.



We file all customer correspondence & enquiries by email within Outlook, and update customer paper files where necessary. We store email addresses supplied by customers who have made enquiries to enable us to correspond with customers about their enquiry. In general we respond only to customer enquiries, unless we need to pass on important information or warnings to instrument or software users concerning use, misuse or manufacturing problems etc.


Access to information and changing information stored

Any customer details stored in our data base or paper files will be accessed only by Dr A R Walker of Geoscan Research. Any amendments customers wish to make with regard to the information we hold should be notified to either of the above to, by telephone to +41 (0)1274 880568 or by mail to Geoscan Research, Heatherbrae, Chrisharben Park, Clayton , Bradford BD14 6AE.

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