Since 1984 Geoscan Research has designed and manufactured geophysical instrumentation, plus associated software, for professional and amateur use. Applications included: archaeology, environment, forensics, geological, civil engineering and peace-time military applications.


We reluctantly decided to cease instrument manufacture in 2020. Both Brexit and Covid-19 played a large part in this decision. However, we continue to develop and sell Geoplot software and provide repairs and instrumentation support where possible. While stocks last, we can also supply some instrument accessories. If you need support with Geoplot or instrumentation then we are still happy to help. For the latest news and Geoplot updates follow us on Twitter @GeoscanResearch.

Links to data sheets for discontinued instruments are given below for reference.

Geoplot 4.0 Software

We continue to develop and sell Geoplot software for all your data processing requirements. Data can be downloaded or imported from a wide range of instruments.


Click on the image for a PDF data sheet.


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We stopped manufacture of instrumentation in 2020 and now concentrate on providing the software needed to process geophysical data for users of our instruments and other manufacturers. Our product range included earth resistance meters, fluxgate gradiometers and associated computer software.

Repairs and Maintenance Components

Discontinued Instrumentation Data Sheets for Reference

To help you maintain your instrumentation, we have collated a list of commonly required spare parts, and sources. If you have any doubts about which components to buy etc. then do please contact us. Wiring details for data dump leads are given at the end of the list.


Suggested suppliers for most components are RS and Farnell who have outlets around the world. The RS and Farnell part numbers given should be recognised on their international websites.

RM85 Resistance Meter. The RM85 forms the heart of a versatile measuring system for rapid area or vertical profile measurements using probe arrays or wheeled carts for faster data collection. Options include BASIC or ADVANCED, multiplexing for greater speed or improved resolution, GPS logging, cost effective conversion to gradiometer mode (see below). Data Sheet PDF, Manual PDF

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RM85 / FAB1 Fluxgate Gradiometer. The RM85 can be converted into a Handheld Fluxgate Gradiometer with the addition of a FAB1 (Fluxgate Adapter Box 1), CF51 carrying frame and SENSYS FGM650 fluxgate sensor (no alignment required !). A FAB1 and SENSYS FGM650 can also be mounted on an MSP25 cart to add gradiometer logging. GPS data can be simultaneously logged.Data Sheet PDF, Manual PDF

MSP25 Mobile Sensor Platform. Wheeled resistance square array with SENSYS FGM650 fluxgate gradiometer option, providing fast, simultaneous, detailed resistance and gradiometer surveys. Move at up to 0.3 s/m logging alpha, beta, GPS at 4 samples/m. Encoder, timer or GPS for gridded or non-gridded surveys, tow option Data Sheet PDF